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Handcrafted GRP Fibreglass Mouldings In Lancashire

Moss Mouldings designs and produces a whole host of GRP mouldings and products for businesses and individual customers.

We Create innovative and unique fibreglass creations

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) – more commonly known as fibreglass – is a surprisingly strong and resourceful material. Here at Moss Mouldings in Ormskirk, Lancashire, our small family firm designs and produces a whole host of GRP mouldings and products for businesses and individual customers alike.
We’re different because we handmake all of our GRP mouldings and products, allowing us to tailor bespoke designs for each and every customer. It gives strength to the product that can’t be achieved when it is machine-made. We’re extremely knowledgeable about which resins and fibres make the highest quality GRP fibreglass, and will adapt our source materials depending on the desired outcome. 
Our story began when Stuart Moss started work in the fibreglass industry over 40 years ago and could see the need for a more intricate, human-manufactured version of the product. Hence he set up Moss Mouldings as a family-run, hand-crafted business. Mary joined Stuart in 1999 running the office, and their son has since joined in with the design and production of GRP fibreglass.
Our customers are the reason we produce such high-quality glass reinforced plastic – we listen to them and work together to create bespoke designs that work. We pride ourselves on being a local, customer-led business in Lancashire, and strive to maintain good customer relationships. We have customers in the kit car, wedding car, road tanker, caravan and construction industries who remain loyal to Moss Mouldings time and time again.

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